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Final decision
posted at: Monday, 25 February 2013 | 5:27 pm | 0 Love! | Your Opinion?

Hai blog. We meet again :) hmm. I have a weird stomachache. Masuk harini dah tiga hari sakit perut. I told my mom. She said " kalau teruk sangat pergi hospital" and i was like " NOOOO MOMMMMM!!" i hate doctor. I hate the smell of hospital. I hate everything about hospital. Elok elok sakit perut nanti tambah lagi penyakit lain. Dalam dunia ni, ada jenis jenis benda yang tak patut kita tahuuu. So.. My final decision bout hospital is NO! HAHAHAH! idont care! Even if there is a bullet in my stomach i dont wanna go there. Seriously talk! ILOVEYOU MOM & ILOVEYOU DAD

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