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Slave and king
posted at: Wednesday, 9 May 2012 | 3:01 am | 0 Love! | Your Opinion?

Such a quite night. With a full stomach. Since i get back here in malaca, my mum keep feeding me with a lot of food. NOW ! I'm thinking bout my past. We're still young at that time. Always wanna try something new.Even the things that we want to try is something really really bad. For example cigarette. Two thirty three Ayy Emmm. Still not sleeping. Waiting for a big game. Liver Chelsea. Hopefully Liver win yaw ! Today suddenly i miss her. That person who i knew at school when i in form five. Why ? because i saw an elephant just now. GAJAH COMEL. For me if anything that involve bout you i will get scared.  You like a king and i'm like a slave. I'm slave who trying to get near you. That what i'm thinking when anything that i wanna do is invovle you. You know what i mean ? Macam mana raja nak berbaik dengan pengemis ? Mustahil kan.  WE CAN'T BE FRIEND. Because of some mistake. Kalau orang masuk penjara. Bila keluar kita panggil dia BANDUAN. Even dia dah baik tapi still orang anggap dia BANDUAN. BANDUAN TETAP BANDUAN. Paham kan maksud ayat tu ? Kau pandai. Mesti kau paham. Aku just harap kita boley jadi kawan. Kawan gelak. Kawan lepak. Kawan biasa.  Where can i find Radar ? Ermm you know, that radar SON GOKU used to find seven dragon ball. I want to find that ball. :) HAHA ! End.

The Past