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A word for you dear
posted at: Friday, 13 April 2012 | 9:30 pm | 2 Love! | Your Opinion?

*Lukis sendiri okay :D

This is what we call it LUAHAN PERASAAN. Kalau tak nak baca please keluar J
Tear can be wiped...Picture can be ripped....The tangible things can be eliminated....Everything can be thrown away,But not your memories.Your name. The way you speaking. Your laugh. Your joke.  Everything bout you i can’t easily removed it.  As it engraved like a tattoo, can’t be removed easily. YOU, who were small when i hugged. I, who was always bright when i was with you. A month or two isn’t enough for me to forget bout  YOU. Even if there is a replacement. I bet it will not be the same L. If you don’t mind, can i ask you a question ? I wonder if you hurt like me. Would you be hurting as much as i am ? When i hang out with my friend, i felt like there is nothing. Even when i’m watching EPL match, i felt EMPTY. I can’t even eat. I don’t feel any better, whatever i do, it doesn’t work. My heart is bruised. If you stand right infront of me. I wanna tell you that I REALLY MISS YOU. I miss the moment when we hang out together. I miss when you tell me a joke bout ONE PIECE. I miss when you call me before you sleep. I miss to “DODOI” you before you sleep. Last week i ask you “ WHY YOU LEAVE ME?” and the answer is a little bit disappointed L. This is all my fault. I’m really sorry. What ever we do. What ever we try. We will never can get back together. YANG DI LUDAH, TIDAK BOLEH DI JILAT BALIK. Before we ended our relation. I wanna say thank because you help me to forget someone that i knew when i in a secondary school. Now i have to find some one new to forget bout you. I’m in pain to forget bout you dear. Hope we can be friend. J THANKS FOR THE LOVE YOU GAVE ME. There is a song that i want you to hear it. WE THE KING FT DEMI LEVATO- WE’LL BE A DREAM J. I try to write fully in ENGLISH. It’s not a crime to write in ENGLISH right ? Even there is a lot of mistake here and there. But i don’t care. Last word from me to you. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF J


Blogger nur hidayah sahari said...

sedih beb baca komen kau . jangan risau , kawan kawan pun ade laa . even kau dah tade dia sebagai gf kau , kau jadi kan dia sebagai kawan baik kau pun okey pe (: suka tak aku komenn ? hee :D

14 April 2012 at 00:38  
Blogger Hafiz said...

Hahaha. wahhh kau komenn belogg aku laaa. Hehe :D thanks for reading

14 April 2012 at 01:17  

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