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posted at: Wednesday, 22 February 2012 | 12:09 am | 0 Love! | Your Opinion?

Today, tuesday right. Such a lonely day. No one to text. No one to fight. No one to scold. There is no one to stand right infront of me when i needed.. Family ? They even busy with their own work. Friend ? Also busy with their own assigment. So ? what should i do ? "Tenang, kenapa kau sekarang hantar text pelik pelik ?" Erk..sorry ..sorry and.. sorry ye  kawan kawan . Mesti annoying kan dapat text or whatsapp or viber or pape je laa. Takyah reply kalau dapat wei. Saje je hantar. Bosan. Some one told me. The strongest person is the one who can endure Sadness and Loneliness. I'm gonna be one of the strongest person. But, to be one.. I must put a lot of effort on it. God, please give me strenght to endure all of this probs. Mianhae.. Sometime i felt living is... tiresome. Because of this, God.. PLEASE... I'M BEGGING... GIVE ME STRENGHT...

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