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posted at: Tuesday, 10 January 2012 | 12:03 am | 0 Love! | Your Opinion?


"ONE FINE DAY I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL DEADLY FALL IN LOVE WITH ME" Ni ayat lisa surihani masa dalam cerita OMBAK RINDU. This week is LOVE week. All my friend have their own probs. Si kaya adew masla cinta, Superhero adew masla cinta jugak kot ? Maybe, i'm not sure but there is a word that he mention to me "FUCKYOUTO".  Macam macam hal kawan kawan sekarang. Semua tewas dengan cinta. Ingat status Love yang aku buat baru baru ni ? Tu nak menganjing korang. SORRY KAWAN KAWAN. For me friend is everything. If i need to list from one to ten, i'llm put friend in second place, ofkoz family first, and the third one is my girlfriend. So sorry yaa, if i hang out with my friend jangan harap la nak reply text awok tu , sorry dear . There is a quotes that i like, it said that "PEOPLE WHO NEVER MADE A MISTAKE,NEVER LEARNED A NEW THING" yeah its true but the first time we made a mistake we still call it a mistake and we learned bout it to avoid the second time. But when the second time we do it we dont call it a mistake, it a choice. Wahhhh ! sepeking la dak TENANG ni today :D. Bad new, sem 2 ni tak amik BI.  BUHSAN KOT. oke dah malam nie, ngantuk. Paipai :D

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