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posted at: Tuesday, 21 June 2011 | 4:08 pm | 0 Love! | Your Opinion?


Why do we have repeated experiences?
It's because repeated experiences have one aim, to teach the thing we refuse to learn.
Yeahh it’s such a good quote for us to read
Why do we have to repeat the same experience yaa ?
Stopit us to do the same thing again and again
People said do not smoke but we smoke even other die because of smoking
Stupid us
Having sex wif different women again and again even other get disease because of it
When people said don’t look but we all look BUT when people said look nobody does
Thanks to miss kamalia
I got this quotes from her blog
Today, again I wrote my blog in English
Why ?
Because I promise to my friend to wrote it in English
Even we such an idiot in English
But we try !
Practice make perfect what ?
So what ?
So kite enjoy laaa
Heii today my broo sick
I don’t know what to do L
His medicine is run  out
Today I realise I’m not a good brother to take care of my family
It’s such a shame for me to live in this world
Fool me!
Hei today I also realise that I’m such  an annoying person
Know why ?
Because I not respect other people relationship meanwhile there is many other fish in the sea, so why mess with one that’s already caught?
Stupid me right ?
I should never ever ever disturb other people relationship
But dic ?
If you don’t treat your girlfriend well and always make her cry should I act like a fool among stupid people ?
Not right ?
So I accompany her every night even I know she don’t need me
Again stupid me right ?
Colbie calait sing such a good song for women to hear but me sing a song that can make people feel comfort wif me
I really enjoy to make people happy wif me yaw
We can make mistakes twice because everyone deserve a second chance but when do the same mistake again and again we don’t call it a mistake
It’s a choice
Think about it friend J
Sorry for my broken English yaa..
Have a nice day . . . .

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